The world is as big as you can handle.

We all start with a set of ideas, beliefs and experiences. For many of us, those define us from birth until death. But for some of us, through luck or misfortune, we come to realize that the world is incomprehensibly big and holds a LOT of wiggle room.  It is only habit that has you humming along with blinders on, defined by your daily grind. Maybe it is a trip abroad, the death of a loved one, an incredible book, or a brush with the unknown. Whatever opens that door, it cannot soon be shut. From that moment, you WILL see the man behind the curtain. You will hear his voice in the back of your mind. The world has suddenly opened up. You begin to feel the edges of indescribable opportunity for something larger than you could have imagined. You must at least grasp at this deeper understanding, this grander container of what it means to be alive.

But you are responsible for opening the doors.

Of course, once you have a taste of this freedom, this possibility, you want more. But you don’t have it yet. No one is standing there with an invitation. And it will occur to you, rather abruptly perhaps, that you are the only one that can make this happen. So you are going to learn, you are going to put shape to this longing. You are going to define what it is you are reaching for, what your soul wants, the song you can uniquely sing. You will learn how to connect this longing, this peeking into the possibilities of the universe, how to map it. How to map yourself into it. How to hone your compass to lead you toward a life you have crafted, instead of the one handed to you.

You can create a life that feeds your soul.

This means that you can feel the way you want to, overall. Not that there won’t be suffering. Suffering is the stuff of life. It goes hand and hand with joy, part and parcel. But you can feel the way you desire. You can have the impact you long for. You are not the architect, designing every inch. Of course not. There’s too much uncertainty. But you are the captain, standing with the wind on your face, rolling with the waves, and steering your course through a life that lets you experiment, experience, create, and flow. A life that is filled with freedom. A life where you give all you have to give.

So, don’t wait any longer. Start today.

The difference begins in your question. Which will change your story. If you have the right question, you can hack your life, your brain, your future. And most importantly your present. It is not tomorrow, but today, where happiness lives.

You won’t find your purpose, you will create it.

That is what The Escape Plan is all about. Helping you take control, maybe for the very first time.

10 Questions to Activate Your Escape

Here’s an easy way to start.

This 15 minute CHANGE-MAKING CHEAT SHEET  is a baby version of what we go through in The Escape Plan E-Course. This mini cheat sheet, 10 Questions To Activate Your Escape is a lightning quick way to think through a new change or new situation. Bookmark this to keep it handy. Grab your journal, a piece of paper, or write a blog post with your answers:

10 Questions to Activate Your Escape

Now, get out your calendar and schedule in one baby step forward. Tell me what happened in the comments…

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