Feel trapped? Overwhelmed?

Like you are living someone else’s life?

You want the freedom to be who you are, to create a life that nourishes you, to live your purpose (if you even know what it is!)

But right now you are stuck. And unsure where to go next.

Take a deep breath. It’s ok. You have only so many breaths to take while you are here and you are NOT going to waste them.

This is the space where change begins.

I’m Naomi Coty and I am a coach, writer, & founder of The Escape Plan. I work & write for love driven adventurers who just can’t make themselves fit into the status quo. It’s about WAY more than quitting your day job. It’s about approaching life from the crazy notion that since this is the only one you get, what you want, need, and are good at really matter. 

The Escape Artists on this site have hearts of passion + fire, but we all get stuck somewhere along the way and find we aren’t living the impact we want into the world. I help you dive really deep into what you DON’T and DO want, get in touch with your gut-level vision for their lives to make your own inner compass indestructible, and then we devise a plan to get you there. You will get clear on what real success means – success that includes happiness, balance, creativity, joy, positive impact and growth.

Why do I do what I do? Because I AM one of you. Fear + shame held me back for most of my younger life. I know how painful it is to feel alone, adrift, with no driving purpose. My journey has been a wild one. From serious anxiety + depression to earthshaking moments that have re-made me into someone I am proud to be. I escaped some BAD religion. I went through a bought of deyou are worth your timepression so deep that I considered taking my own life. From there, I jumped into a 5 Year self-devised “Appreciate Your F*ing LIFE” plan, where I set out to try absolutely everything to understand who I was and feel joy.

I learned a lot, but I also went through a lot. Or, rather – because I had a lot to go through, I was able to quickly find what worked – BIG TIME. I earned my Masters from Harvard – and then realized I’d chosen the wrong field. Then I had to step up to create my OWN escape plan when I got a super crappy migraine disorder. I was so sick everyday that I had no way to work and nowhere to go. Right about then, I found out about my then-boyfriend’s lying ways. It was a massive sh*tstorm. But that was ALSO the beginning of taking back my life and my freedom. That fear + discontent + disruption set me on the path I am on today.

I dove full force into learning the building blocks of happiness, resilience, and success. I jumped into the startup world, overcame some serious anxiety, gave my first workshop (amazing!), and fulfilled a huge dream by traveling SOLO for six glorious weeks in Costa Rica. I then started my own company, The Happiness Generation and completed a full year program in positive psychology with one of my idols, Tal Ben-Shahar. I even launched my very first beta course online. All was sailing along swimmingly until I lost traction last year. I came down with a mystery disease that left me unable to do even the simple stuff, like grocery shop or make myself something to munch on. Even reaching out to talk with my friends was too much. 

That was when I again realized the value of the stuff I learned along the way. It was a brutal year, but what got me through was the unshakable foundation I’d build, the people around me, and the deep connection to my gut that allowed me to navigate the rough waters. These are absolutely essential skills if you want to succeed on your own terms and have the impact you want.

Because while you will often be putting them to use to build the foundation under your dream, there will come times when the world falls apart. You do not have to fall apart with it. You will find your strength in the struggle and your change in the challenge.

lao tzu quoteThe magical thing is that, with each struggle, I’ve loved my life more and ended up happier, more resilient, and closer to what I want. I have a backpack full of AMAZING tools, an incredible community + a compass that will not fail me. These are the things I would like to share with you.

Everything I teach comes from my own personal experience + my studies in positive psychology. My philosophy is, “Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.” When you reach out for a new path, you will find that it is waiting for you at the exact time you need it. It’s my goal to help every single magical visionary, conscious creative, and timid adventurer out there with something to give to the world get up the Confidence + Courage to ACT! 

With boundless love + excitement for your adventure,

naomi signature

P.S. Want to know more about me? You can read my full story here.

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