what if i fail


Why don’t you have what you want yet?

 If you are like 99% of us, the biggest thing holding you back is FEAR. The second biggest, and often HIDDEN reason, is SHAME. 

This is NORMAL. 

Dealing with the two powerful forces of FEAR & SHAME head on is the only real path to freedom. You don’t have to eradicate fear + shame. You only have to learn how to create action even when they show up. When you stop to notice, what does your inner critic have to say to you?

fear and shame

Let’s dig into this for a minute. Take a look at the list above. There’s a whole bunch of stuff to choose from. Go ahead and see if any of them hit you in the gut.

These are the little voices that keep us up at night, make us hide away and stop us from ever seeing what we are made of. Well no more!

2The people who succeed in building a life that feeds them + creating positive impact are also afraid. They also face shame. The difference is that they:

  1. Understand that fear and shame are completely normal responses to doing something new, big, or important.
  2. Know that they need to find a way to walk into the fear and shame instead of hiding away or quitting.
  3. Win this game in their mind first.
  4. Act even though they are afraid.
  5. Surround themselves with others that support them and who have already been through it. 

Take a look at the “Fear” column. Which of these mindsets show up in your life?

What about the “Power For Good” column? Which of these do you relate to?

As for me, I’m terribly afraid of failure at times. What if I do all of this work and I can’t help anyone? What if I fail and my friends and family are ashamed of me? What if I can’t support myself financially? But when these come up, I take a deep breath and remind myself that I may not get what I want in the exact way I want it through my work. But it’s a certainty that I won’t get it if I never try. Never try? Never know.

What about you? Let me know in the comments below! <3

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