HELLO, Lovely Escape Artist!


Let’s get you on track to create what you want in a big way. 

This is a guide about the BIG PICTURE, the very fundamentals of what it takes to live your freedom, joy + impact into the world. You will explore what you deeply desire, get on track to create it, and learn what to do when the going gets rocky. So, set aside some time to dig in, begin your own escape, and get your inner change-maker fired up for massive action.

Let’s look at:

CLARITY – What do I want to do with my life? What do I have to give to the world? What fulfills and motivates me?

COURAGEWhat’s stopping me? How should I deal with Fear + Doubt?

COMMITMENTHow do I give myself permission to finally start living my life from my heart?

intention plus actionReady to step up and take your place in this community of down-to-earth idealists? I know we are ready to welcome you!

Find your freedom,

live your impact.   

Your suffering is a clue that something is NOT right. You have the truth in your heart of hearts. Rejecting the cookie cutter lifestyle is hard. But so much more fun.

Bad things will happen no matter what. For all of the fledgling Escape Artists out there, the first step is to become someone who GROWS from the challenge. Happiness and Success both depend on this. You will develop the internal strength to take the hard stuff in stride.

But good things are different. We MAKE the good things happen. It’s completely up to us. And you will learn to do that, too. If you want to create impact in the world, to live boldly and beautifully, you must become strong, down to your roots. And then, you must open your eyes with a bold and loving clarity. 


  • ready for change. like, yesterday.
  • heart-first
  • visionary
  • a bit outside the mainstream
  • self-motivated
  • exploratory + curious
  • creative
  • motivated by purpose + creating a positive impact with your life
  • intuitive + sensitive
  • a bit of a perfectionist


  • like you got off track somehow
  • unclear about where to go from here
  • trapped
  • unsure of your purpose
  • like there’s more to life than you’ve experienced so far
  • disconnected from your gut
  • stuck in fear + overwhelm


  • to hear (+ respect) the clear, calm voice of your own soul
  • to build a life on YOUR terms based on YOUR strengths + desires so you can live your impact with joy
  • to create an unbreakable foundation for action
  • to calibrate your inner compass so you stay on track and achieve the kind of success that will fulfill you

At the end of the day, your success depends on who is steering your ship.

For most of us, the answer is “NO ONE”. Life just sort of rolls forward with its own momentum. But that won’t get you to what you want or what you need. Instead, lift your head up and look around.

That person steering your ship should always be YOU. 

This is my invitation to you to explore that strength and that vision. To take charge of your fate. 


With love + excitement,

naomi signature

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