Clarity + Courage can be hard.

But having someone in your corner makes it a whole lot easier.

hello there

I’m Naomi Coty, Professional Escape Artist + Freedom Coach. I created The Escape Plan to help you take back your freedom, find your joy again, and start on the positive impact you want to make.

So, Naomi, how can you help me?

Don’t waste any more time floundering around trying to figure out what you should do. Work with me and I will take you step-by-step through the process of clarifying & claiming your purpose and expanding your impact in the world. You’ll pick one of the 5 C’s below, and we will get right in there to unstick you:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Communication

The kind of coaching I do is based in positive psychology – the science of thriving. Every single one of the coaching packages comes with FREE access to The Escape Plan E-Course. The course will serve as your structure, providing you with all of the information and playbooks you need to jumpstart your path to the kind of success you want. This leaves our time together for the moments of powerful action + clarity you will need. The idea is to have a call once per week, so we can dig into any questions or resistance you have in that area. But you can use the phone calls however you like. Maybe there’s one area you need an extra boost in. Or maybe you have a really hard week and want ALL of the calls right then. It’s up to you. I’m here to support you in gaining clarity + taking action where it matters most. And you are the best person to decide where that is.

How much does coaching cost?

Not as much as you think!


Power Hour

  • 60 Minute Phone Call
  • Email Follow-Up
  • Initial Plan

Course + Call

  • 60 Minute Phone Call
  • Full Access to E-Course
  • Membership to Exclusive Escape Artist Community

Monthly Coaching

  • 60 Minute Phone Call Every Week
  • 15 Minute Check-In Every Week
  • Full Access to E-Course
  • Membership to Escape Artist Community
  • Copy of the upcoming book, Breaking Out (when released)

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